A Minecraft 1.19.1 Spigot Server

OP: beebs42

A Fresh Start is a Minecraft non-PvP Survival server. Everyone who joins the server gets a basic “starter pack” of gear, and there are community farms and storage to help start you on your Minecraft path. Welcome home!

Server Rules:

Violating the server rules can get you banned from the server.


  • The server automatically restarts every day at 4am Eastern time. This “turns off” infinite-run Redstone devices, so if you’re building something like that, make sure you have a way to restart it.
  • No griefing (players or bases).
  • No looting/sacking of another player’s chests. Items in chests in the common areas are for anyone to take advantage of.
  • Don’t mess with another person’s construction. If someone is building in an area, give them room to build.
  • Playfulness is encouraged and you CAN “get around” these rules a little bit if you and another player have an understanding between you.
  • We have built community farms and a materials warehouse in Spawn Town. Help yourself!

The server is whitelisted. To get access, join the Discord channel and request it. Note that use of the Discord channel in-game is not required, but feel free to use the voice chat if you would like. View the server rules, below, and install the needed resource packs to play.

Join the Discord Server

Voice chat for the server, and a message channel, too. Request whitelisting to access the server.

Server Address:


Server Map

A Google-style dynamic map for viewing the server. Shows player locations and points of interest.

List of Active Players:

moogatu (beebs)

Installed Data Packs

Here is a listing of all the data packs currently running on the House of Beebs server. This will install automatically into your Minecraft folder’s datapacks folder, and you shouldn’t need to do anything else. Some of these packs have new crafting recipes or other cool changes to the game, so here’s the list:


AFK Display

Grays out a player’s name if they haven’t moved in 5 minutes.

Anti Enderman Grief

No more stolen blocks.

Armored Elytra

Combine an Elytra and chest armor, get the best of both worlds!

Armour Statues

Poseable armor stands, as seen on Hermitcraft.

Coordinates HUD

Adds coordinates and a 24 hour clock readout to your HUD.

Toggle HUD: /trigger ch_toggle

Double Shulker Shells

Shulkers always drop two shell pieces, instead of one.

Dragon Drops Elytra

The Ender Dragon now also drops an Elytra upon dying.

Durability Ping

Get an alert when your current tool’s durability drops below 2%.


Wool blocks and Ender Pearls make up/down elevators a thing. Throw a Pearl on a placed wool block, and do it again on another wool block above or below that one. Crouch to go down, jump to go up.

Fast Leaf Decay

Speeds up the natural timing of leaves decaying in the overworld.


When a player dies, a grave is made that contains their stuff. Crawl over your own grave to get your items back.

More Mob Heads

Gives a chance for any mob to drop its head as loot.

Multiplayer Sleep

One player can sleep, and skip the night for the entire world.

Nether Creepers

Charged Creepers have a rare chance of spawning in Nether Wastes.

Player Head Drops

Dying players always drop their heads as an item, and monsters have a greater chance to do so as well.

Recycle Armor

Not using that piece of armor? Reclaim some of the materials used to make it!

Starter Kit

A custom data pack that gives every new player a full set of iron gear (tools and armor), a stack of torches and a stack of carrots as a “jump start” on the server.


Cut down a whole tree by shopping one block near the base. Durability of the tool is affected as if you chopped each block of the tree, so be careful!

Villager Death Messages

Dying villagers will display a message in chat about their death.