A Minecraft 1.14.4 Server

OPs: beebs42, Asheod, narwall42

The House of Beebs is a Minecraft non-PvP Survival server where the ultimate goal is not just to build cool things, but to take over and build out a town – make it our own! Spawn is set in a wooded town with easy access to the ocean, deserts, and more. Our first defensive walls are (mostly) up and the town is mostly safe within those walls. Teamwork will be the ultimate measure of success. We will need to mine, craft, and prepare, for the Illagers (also nearby) will be coming!

Scroll on down for updates, server rules, and a list of the datapacks that are installed on the server.

The loneliest golem

World Update, Week Ending 1/5/2020

On Saturday night, 1/4/2020, beebs42, Asheod, and Narwall42 all defended the Siege Keep from wave after wave of Pillagers, including more than a few Evokers. It was a blast, taking a total of about 90 minutes (start to finish) to get through all the waves. Everyone...

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World Update, Week Ending 12/29/2019

This week things were kind of quiet on the server again. As a result, this post is for two weeks instead of the usual one week re-cap. A few notable achievements, but nothing server-shattering: beebs has returned to his Mesa Base and continued building it out, leaving...

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World Update, Week Ending 12/15/2019

This week things were kind of quiet on the server. A few notable achievements, but nothing server-shattering: beebs conquered and "hollowed out" an ocean monument that's west of his nordic cabin in the Frozen Lands of Nador. Plans for the monument are sketchy at the...

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World Update, Week Ending 12/8/2019

This week, there were a lot of project updates, but not really "big events." beebs built a nordic cabin in the Frozen Lands of Nador, intending to use it as a staging point/forward base for raiding the Pillager bases in the distant, frozen land. The cabin is hooked...

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World Update, Week Ending 12/1/2019

This week, buckg and JTtheEZkill  joined the existing crew on the server. JT made quite the debut, filling the server chat with "OMG WHAT IS THAT" and "WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING" messages for most of his debut. beebs and stormtalon42 teamed up at the last minute to...

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World Update, Week Ending 11/24/2019

This week, the existing crew on the server was joined by another Ars member, qatamari. qatamari went west from town and put together a little cobblestone base, but found out later that he had built near a Pillager tower! Welcome aboard! beebs and narwall42 teamed up...

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World Update, Week Ending 11/17/2019

The Village Area Mapping Project has begun! Grab a map, run out to a “blank” spot, use the map, and then hang it on the wall. Help everyone know what’s nearby! The map wall (and blank maps) are located in the big lodge, downstairs. You can’t miss it!

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World Update, Week Ending 11/10/2019

We have recently established a small base in the Nether! Work has begun on a Nether Hub, even though we don't have a ton of places to go to yet. Head North out of the hub, and you'll be on your way to the portal that takes you to a mesa biome for that sweet, sweet...

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The server is whitelisted. To get access, join the Discord channel and request it. Note that use of the Discord channel in-game is not required, but feel free to use the voice chat if you would like. View the server rules, below, and install the needed resource packs to play.

Join the Discord Server

Voice chat for the server, and a message channel, too. Request whitelisting to access the server.

Server Address:


Server Map

A Google-style map for viewing the server. This map does NOT update in real-time (it’s manual) but it gets refreshed daily (usually) or on-demand.

Current List of Players:


Server Rules:

Violating the server rules can get you banned from the server.


  • The server automatically restarts every day at 4am Eastern time. This “turns off” infinite-run Redstone devices, so if you’re building something like that, make sure you have a way to restart it.
  • No griefing (players or bases).
  • No looting/sacking of another player’s chests.
  • Don’t mess with another person’s construction. If someone is building in an area, give them room to build.
  • Go by the honor system. 
  • Shops in The Market will have exchange rates posted on signs in each shop. Please abide by the exchange rate(s) shown. (ie, “One Diamond per stack,” etc.)
  • Feel free to build and stock your own shop in The Market. These buildings can be close together. Hopefully The Market can grow into a source of resources/income for players.
  • Playfulness is encouraged and you CAN “get around” these rules a little bit if you and another player have an understanding between you.

Server Special Events:

Every now and then, the server will have a “special event” going on. These events can include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • A switch to Creative Mode for unlimited building (could be for a half hour, could be for a day…).
  • PvP turned on and a bounty placed on a player.
  • “Themed” building events.
  • Endless Illager raids!
  • …and more!

Required Resource Packs

After re-rolling the server to be more “Vanilla” Minecraft (v 1.14.4), gone are the piles of mods you need to install manually. Instead, everything is a data pack that will be automatically added to your your installation.

One of those datapacks, Interactive Tables and Chairs, requires a resource pack. You can download it here. Just stick it in your Resource Packs folder (which you can get to through Minecraft) and activate them. You’re good to go!

NOTE: The server will prompt you to install the Interactive Tables and Chairs Resource Pack automatically, but may fail.


Download Interactive Tables and Chairs Resource Pack

Installed Data Packs

Here is a listing of all the data packs currently running on the House of Beebs server. This will install automatically into your Minecraft folder’s datapacks folder, and you shouldn’t need to do anything else. Some of these packs have new crafting recipes or other cool changes to the game, so here’s the list:


AFK Display

Grays out a player’s name if they haven’t moved in 5 minutes.

Anti Creeper Grief

No more exploding creepers.

Anti Enderman Grief

No more stolen blocks.

Coordinates HUD

Adds coordinates and a 24 hour clock readout to your HUD.

Toggle HUD: /trigger ch_toggle

Customizable Armor Stands

A special book allows you to “pose” your armor stands.

Double Shulker Shells

Shulkers always drop two shell pieces, instead of one.

Dragon Drops Elytra

The Ender Dragon now also drops an Elytra upon dying.

Durability Ping

Get an alert when your current tool’s durability drops below 2%.

Larger Phantoms

Makes naturally-spawning phantoms larger the longer you go without sleep.

More Mob Heads

Gives a chance for any mob to drop its head as loot.

Multiplayer Sleep

One player can sleep, and skip the night for the entire world.

Player Graves

When a player dies, a grave is made that contains their stuff. Crawl over your own grave to get your items back.

Better Elytra

Combine an Elytra and chest armor, get the best of both worlds!


Dying players always drop their heads as an item, and monsters have a greater chance to do so as well.

Double Door

A single redstone pulse will now open/close both doors in a set of doubles.

Illager Fortresses

Replaces igloos with enormous Illager fortresses.

Interactive Tables & Chairs

New tables! New chairs and thrones! AND YOU CAN SIT ON THEM. Crafting recipes can be found here.

Mob Health Bar

Displays a health status bar for the mob currently in your targeting recticle.

Recycle Armor

Not using that piece of armor? Reclaim some of the materials used to make it!

Redstone Turrets

Protect yourself with turrets! These boys will shoot just about anything mean, just set one up and watch him go!

To make a turret, place an armor stand ontop of a redstone block and drop a dispenser into it. In addition to turrets there are also boosters, they are made the same way, but use an observer instead of a dispenser. Boosters increase the detection range and make the arrows go farther.

Rotten Flesh to Leather

Smelt that zombie flesh into useful leather!

Tree Capitator

Cut down a whole tree by shopping one block near the base. Durability of the tool is affected as if you chopped each block of the tree, so be careful!

Villager Death Messages

Dying villagers will display a message in chat about their death.