World Update, Week Ending 1/5/2020

Jan 5, 2020 | House of Beebs (Minecraft)

On Saturday night, 1/4/2020, beebs42, Asheod, and Narwall42 all defended the Siege Keep from wave after wave of Pillagers, including more than a few Evokers. It was a blast, taking a total of about 90 minutes (start to finish) to get through all the waves. Everyone seemed to take turns falling off the castle walls at SOME point, and more than once screams of “OPEN THE GATES OPEN THE GATES” could be heard over the server’s Discord channel. We got plenty of loot, many heads, and the Hero of the Village achievement was a nice, crowning touch.

Good times! Let’s do it again. What’s a good date/time for everyone?

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A Google-style map for viewing the server. This map does NOT update in real-time (it’s manual) but it gets refreshed daily (usually) or on-demand.

The server is whitelisted. To get access, join the Discord channel and request it. Note that use of the Discord channel in-game is not required, but feel free to use the voice chat if you would like. View the server rules, below, and install the needed resource packs to play.