World Update, Week Ending 11/24/2019

Nov 25, 2019 | House of Beebs (Minecraft)

This week, the existing crew on the server was joined by another Ars member, qatamari. qatamari went west from town and put together a little cobblestone base, but found out later that he had built near a Pillager tower! Welcome aboard!

beebs and narwall42 teamed up just outside beebs’ mesa biome village/base, and headed north to The Frozen Lands of Nador (where they may have been forced to eat Robin’s minstrels) to check out the rumored Pillager Fortresses that could be found there. After getting their butts handed to them repeatedly, the did eventually manage to clear the fortress… only to find that the Pillager respawn rate there was high enough that they had to beat a hasty retreat and head back home.

beebs’ mesa town continues to grow and expand, and he now has a villager Trading Hall located in the bowels of the mesa itself. With such great enchanted books as Mending and Silk Touch already available, enchanted gear upgrades should start appearing in players’ hands.

narwall42 discovered the mooshroom island that is basically just west of beebs’ mesa village.

QChronoD expanded his desert base some more, upgrading his cactus wall to (mostly) fence.

Nether Update: There is now a minecart track available for some of the Nether base’s paths. This is a single-track railcar track that runs from just north of the Nether Hub, and goes to the portal that links up to the overworld near the mesa biome. The “main” Nether portal is in the basement of the spawn town lodge, and is safe to use.


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