World Update, Week Ending 12/15/2019

Dec 15, 2019 | House of Beebs (Minecraft)

This week things were kind of quiet on the server. A few notable achievements, but nothing server-shattering:

beebs conquered and “hollowed out” an ocean monument that’s west of his nordic cabin in the Frozen Lands of Nador. Plans for the monument are sketchy at the moment, but include replacing a lot of the remaining prismarine with glass for a better view of the surrounding ocean. Also, beebs has opened a Rocket Shop in the Nether Mall. You literally can’t miss it.

stormtalon42 finished his Creeper Farm, and opened another shop in the Nether Mall. He also completed his Cape Wither (just across from the Creeper Farm) exterior, and is building (among other things) a nether wort farm inside.

court12b joined the server. We’re hoping for big things outta him!

There is a new rail line in the Nether “station,” right near the mall, that takes you to the Soul Sand Sea. It’s at least 2 layers deep (and seems to be 3-4 in places!) and should be able to meet everyone’s Soul Sand needs. Mine away!

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