World Update, Week Ending 12/8/2019

Dec 8, 2019 | House of Beebs (Minecraft)

This week, there were a lot of project updates, but not really “big events.”

beebs built a nordic cabin in the Frozen Lands of Nador, intending to use it as a staging point/forward base for raiding the Pillager bases in the distant, frozen land. The cabin is hooked directly to the Nether Railway via a portal in the loft. To top things off, a small ice farm in out in the back yard because everyone needs ice sometimes. There’s even an Ocean Monument to the west, which beebs has cleared of Guardians AND removed the water from.

stormtalon42 finished off his Slime Ball Farm, and opened a shop to sell his goods in the Nether Mall. Speaking of the Nether Mall, there are now about a half a dozen player-run shops in there.  

qatamari cleared out an Undersea Temple near his reef base, set up a conduit, and has begun raising turtles. 

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